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Is your hybrid office haywire?

Find hybrid harmony with Officely

Officely is your simple tool to manage your hybrid office all from Slack. Employees book desks, reserve amenities, and chat to team members. You control capacity, analyze attendance reports, and customize health surveys.

Everything hybrid offices need

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Simple desk booking

Your team doesn’t want a new tool to book a desk. Do it all in one click in Slack.

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Easy rollout, no onboarding needed

With our simple Slack app, set up your office and invite team members within minutes.

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Rebuild in-office culture

Enable in-office team members to communicate through Office Chat or booking into extras like office lunch.

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Boost office attendance

No one goes to the office if they don’t know who else will be there. Officely shows who is in the office each day.

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Send out customizable health surveys

The tools you need to make returning to work safe for everyone.