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Always know who will be in the office

Officely shows you and your team who will be in and what’s happening in the office, all within Slack.


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Trusted by over 3,700 hybrid offices

Officely is a leader in Mid-Market Space Management on G2 Officely is a leader in Mid-Market Space Management on G2 Officely is a leader in Mid-Market Space Management on G2 Users love Officely on G2

Trusted by 3,700 hybrid offices around the world

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So simple your employees will actually use it

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Book into the office.
From Slack

Your team is too busy to find a spreadsheet or distant website to book into the office. Make it easy for them, book into the office in one click from Slack.

Officely on SlackOfficely on Slack
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Increase office attendance by broadcasting who’s going in

Who is going to commute to the office if they don’t know who else will be there? Officely broadcasts who is going in each day to a channel in Slack, to encourage others to join them.

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See how your office is being used

Use booking activity to learn who’s coming into the office each day and where they’re sitting. You can then adapt and create a workspace people are more likely to come in for.

Officely on Slack

Don’t add another tool. Add Officely to your Slack and get started in less than 5 minutes.

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Set up your office in less than five minutes

Add working spaces and floor maps, and customize capacity.

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Invite team members inside your workspace

Onboard your team in one click, all inside Slack.

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Get your office vibe back

Recapture your office culture by broadcasting what's happening in the office, all inside Slack.

“As an office manager, I can't imagine not having Officely now! And the fact that it just integrates into Slack so we don't have to have a separate tool is just perfect.”
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“Simple tool & the big thing for us is that it lives in slack. If it didn't our teams simply wouldn't use it.”
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Built for flexible workspaces, not fixed office mandates

Learn how Cloudtalk uses Officely to encourage office use, without having to mandate fixed office days.

“For us, the most valuable feature of Officely is that it shows people what they’re missing out on."

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Join our webinar: DO OFFICE MANDATES WORK?

Join our CEO, Max Shepherd-Cross and our guest speaker, Lech Guzowski the Owner & Workplace Culture Designer of human.pm as they discuss the topic of office mandates and if they actually work?

7 Jun, 2023

4pm GMT / 12pm ET / 9am PT