If your team doesn't know who will be in the office, they won't go in. Officely shows who will be in the office and what events are happening, to encourage others to join. Best of all, we do it from inside Slack and Teams.

Helping 1,000s flexible companies avoid office mandates

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Officely makes it easy to see who is working from where

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Office Broadcasts

Send a daily broadcast to your chosen Slack or Teams channel showing who's coming in each day.


Your working status automatically updates to your Slack Status, Google Calendar or Outlook so everyone can see where everyone is working.


Announce the key events that are coming up each day to encourage everyone to come in.

Get better workplace visibility with Officely

Make flexible work, really work.

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Optimise collaboration
in a flexible world

You want to give your team the flexibility to choose where they work. But you are under pressure from leadership to increase office use and in-person collaboration.

Officely shows everyone who's working in the office each day and recommends the best days to go in. Increasing office use by up to 300%.

Intelligent notification
Office Broadcasting

Flexible work should not mean 100% remote work

You want to promote flexible work across your company. It allows your teams to work where is most productive, mould work around their personal lives and gives you an edge in the hiring market. But you are finding everyone is just staying at home and not collaborating in the office.

Officely unlocks flexible work. Allowing everyone to know who's working where. So they can coordinate when to meet up.

Officely lives where you work

Everyone is busy. No one has time to check *yet another* app to see who is in the office.

Officely lives natively across Slack, Teams, Outlook and Google Calendar so your team don't need to learn and remember to use a new app.

Broadcast what’s happening each day to boost attendance and reduce FOMO.

Before COVID your office was a buzz of activity and events. Now your office fells a little, well, flat.

Officely allows you to broadcast everything that's happening in the office. And creates a new channel in Slack or Teams with everyone booked in that day.

Allowing your team to organise coffee, lunches, and drinks after work. So they get excited about coming in, and you re-find that office buzz.

Read about Cloudtalk’s success with Officely

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7 min read

How CloudTalk Uses Officely to Increase Office Attendance

Learn how Cloudtalk uses Officely to encourage office use, without having to mandate fixed office days. “For us, the most valuable feature of Officely is that it shows people what they’re missing out on."

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Make Flexible Work, really work

Join us on our mission to revolutionise
flexible workspaces around the world.

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