Easily Book Desks in Slack or Teams

Officely's hot desk booking system integrates effortlessly into Slack and Teams, transforming how your team accesses and utilizes office space.

Say goodbye to complex systems and hello to a hot desk booking platform that your team will actually love using.

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Helping 1,000s of flexible companies avoid office mandates

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Officely makes it easy to book desks

Officely Overview

Hot Desk Booking Made Simple

With Officely, booking desks becomes a seamless part of your team's daily workflow. Our platform lives in Slack and Teams, removing the hassle of downloading another app and ensuring maximum adoption.

Whether it's hot-desking or securing a permanent desk for the day, Officely simplifies the process, supporting hybrid work environments with unmatched ease. Officely is compatible both with Slack's and Team's desktop and mobile app.

Desk Hoteling and Workspace Insights at Your Fingertips

Leverage our advanced desk utilization metrics and workspace insights to make informed decisions about your office layout.

Our comprehensive analytics provide a clear view of desk availability, usage, office utilization and capacity, and employee booking behaviors, allowing you to optimize space utilization and enhance the employee experience.

A Holistic Approach to Office Resources

Officely goes beyond simple desk bookings. Ensure your workplace admins have access to the tools they need to create a flexible, efficient office space that caters to the needs of both hybrid and remote workers.

Prompt Better Office Attendance by Broadcasting Who’s Going In

Your employees won't risk commuting to an empty office, so they stay at home. Making your culture feel flat and leaving your expensive office unused.

Officely shows who will be in the office each day directly in Slack and Teams. Increasing office use by over 300%.

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Enhance Office Days with Added Perks

It's the small things that count. Officely allows your team to book desks, reserve parking spots, organize team lunches, and even plan after-work gatherings within Slack and Teams.

This level of integration promotes a vibrant office culture and ensures employees feel connected and supported, whether they're in the office or working remotely.

Actually know how your office is being used

Make flexible work, really work.


Desk Booking

Desk booking system that lives right in Slack or Teams so your team will actually use it.

Enable hybrid work and ensure your team always have the resources they need when they come into the office.

People Insights

Learn more about individual booking behaviors, monitor employee attendance trends with booking info on a person-by-person basis.

Car Spots

Small things can make all the difference. Allow your team to book lunch, parking, bring in their dog, or see who’s keen for an after work drink.

Space Insights

Manage your office space effectively. Use Office Insights to view the most popular office days and look at attendance trends over a period of time.

Export Data

Export all employee booking data with one click from the Officely homepage.

Meeting Rooms

Whether it’s organising
a team lunch or a meeting room, Officely makes it simple and easy to manage your workspace right in Slack or Teams.


Can workplace admins book a desk on behalf of their employees?
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Can teams be set up to sit together in neighborhoods?
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How can users book a desk?
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Does Officely provide a view of who and how many people plan to work in the office each day?
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How can the software be used to save on real estate costs?
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Does the software allow employees to change their desks?
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Do you have any integrations?
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What kind of support does Officely offer?
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What can Officely do other than desk booking?
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Learn how Adaptavist leads its global office management strategy with Officely insights "Keeping everything in Slack means people actually use Officely. Unlike other tools we've tried".

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Make Flexible Work, really work

Officely is here to redefine desk booking software, making it a delightful experience for employees while providing businesses with powerful tools to manage and optimize their office space. Integrate Officely today and elevate your office to a hybrid workplace of the future.

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