Before COVID your office was a buzz of activity and events. Now it feels a little 'meh'. Officely helps you build and manage a workplace your team are excited to come to.

Helping 1,000s of flexible companies avoid office mandates

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Officely brings the good vibes back into the office

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Officely helps you build and manage a workspace that employees will love

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Build a workspace people want to use

Your team doesn't want to risk commuting into an empty office. Officely's workplace management features help you see who is in the office and drives more people in. Allowing you to rediscover your office vibe.

Easily Book Desks in Slack or Teams

Officely's desk booking system integrates effortlessly into Slack and Teams, transforming how your team accesses and utilizes office space.

Say goodbye to complex systems and hello to a hot desk booking platform that your team will actually love using.

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Book in coffees, lunches, or drinks after work

Small things can make all the difference. Allow your team to book lunch, bring in their dog, or see who’s keen for an after work drink.

Get excited about the Office again

Start a new Slack or Teams conversation each day for team mates who are booked into the office. Perfect for letting the office chat flow without disturbing those who are working remotely.

For data-driven
workplace decisions

If you are in charge of your real estate spend, you need to make sure you are not paying for more space than you need.

Officely shows you how many people use your office space each day so you can up or downsize accordingly.

Revitalize your Office culture

Make flexible work, really work.

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Office Chat

Organize coffee or drinks after work without disturbing those working from home.


Whether you are organizing
a team lunch or a drink after work. Officely will broadcast the event in Slack or Teams to encourage everyone to join.

Office Extras

Office Extras allow your team to book things like bike racks, whiteboards, and even spots for furry friends.


Make sure everyone has a place in the lot.


Coordinate working lunches or social outings for the team.

Meeting Rooms

Find, reserve, and book space for meetings or events.


Can you plan events with Officely?
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How can Officely improve collaboration between departments?
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Can you see who will be in the office each day?
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Do you get recommendations of the best days to go into the office?
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Do you have any integrations? 
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What kind of support does Officely offer?
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What can Officely do other than desk booking?
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Read about Cloudtalk’s success with Officely

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How CloudTalk Uses Officely to Increase Office Attendance

Learn how Cloudtalk uses Officely to encourage office use, without having to mandate fixed office days. “For us, the most valuable feature of Officely is that it shows people what they’re missing out on."

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Make Flexible Work, really work

Join us on our mission to revolutionize
flexible workspaces around the world.

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