Free tools for building flexible businesses

Building a flexible business is hard. But these free tools are here to support you every step of the way from creating flexible work policies to onboarding new employees.

Flexible Work Policy Generator

Easily generate tailored flexible work policies to meet the evolving needs of your workforce. Boost productivity and employee satisfaction with just a few clicks.


Optimize your onboarding process for flexible, remote, and hybrid work environments. Enhance engagement and productivity from day one with AI.


Discover the future of employee engagement with our AI-driven tool, designed to streamline event planning for flexible, remote, and hybrid workplaces.

Flexible Work Advisor

Unlock the full potential of your flexible and hybrid work environments with our AI-powered Flexible Work Advisor, guiding you to create adaptable, employee-friendly policies.

Wellness Guide

Empower your HR team with our Wellness Guide AI bot, designed to help create a supportive, mental health-conscious workplace for flexible and remote teams.

Productivity Insights

Elevate your team's productivity with Officely's Productivity Insights AI tool, leveraging cutting-edge research and statistics for senior management in flexible workplaces.

Flexible Work Leaderboard

Explore the top flexible workplaces in London with our exclusive leaderboard. Discover companies leading the way in offering dynamic, employee-friendly work environments that champion flexibility and innovation.

Flexible Work Roundtables

Join likeminded leaders of flexible businesses to work together to solve the challenges of flexible work. Join People & Culture Managers, Office Managers and C Suite Leaders once a month to discuss everything from office mandates to onboarding.

Flexible Work Ebook

Read our book on future of flexible of work and how to harness it for your organisation.

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