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About The Integration:

There are three reasons to integrate your HRIS:

Personalized Experience

Turn that wall of names into a meaningful list of people you care about! Your AFAS Software connection will tell Officely who your teammates, direct reports, manager and new starters are, allowing us to tailor an experience much more relevant to you.

Intelligent Office Day Suggestions

Officely will intelligently recommend the best days to go into the office based on who else is there. Your AFAS Software connection allows us to understand relevant relationships between employees. We've found this can really increase intentional office use.

Automatic Vacation Sync

Automatically sync your leave data so that it’s super easy to see who’s where in Officely without having to add information to 2 separate systems.

About AFAS Software:

AFAS Software provides businesses in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Caribbean with a suite of tools which automate processes for human resources, payroll, and finance management. AFAS Software features include automated invoice reconciliation, leave and absence registration, payroll analysis, and more.

The AFAS payroll module provides automation of payroll administration tasks including management reports, payroll reporting, digital tax declarations, business intelligence dashboards, and digital payslip distribution. The platform gives business owners and managers access to automatic invoice reconciliation, automatic processing of depreciation of fixed assets, automated bank integration, and business intelligence (BI) dashboards in order to track accurate and real time data on profits, turnover, accounts payable forecasts, and more.

The AFAS human resource management module offers an employee self-service (ESS) feature so that staff members can manage and maintain their employee profile, view and download payslips, generate leave requests, and be notified of any changes. The manager self-service feature (MSS) provides a staff management system, giving managers an overview of all employee profiles and allowing them to implement changes for multiple users at once. Leave and absence requests can be automatically approved or rejected based on pre-set requirements, or managers can opt to manually respond to requests.

About Officely:

Officely is a desk booking and flexible office management app that lives in Slack and MS Teams.

Officely makes flexible work, really work. See who is working where each day - whether they are in the office, at home or travelling. Get personalized suggestions for the best office days and arrive to find everything you need—from a desk to your lunch order—ready and waiting. All whilst getting full analytics of how your office is being used.

How To Integrate:

Step 1:

Head to Officely App Home > Go to... > All Settings > Account & billing > Click Connect.

Step 2:

Select AFAS Software

Step 3:

Click on Continue

Step 4:

Follow the instructions on the screen

Check out our step-by-step article with screenshots on how to Integrate your HRIS

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Connect Officely To
AFAS Software
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Connect Officely To
AFAS Software

What will Officely need access to?

Organization Data

Officely needs read access to your Teams and Departments. We’ll automatically sync these your teams with Officely so that you can access insights and analytics for each team. You will aso benefit from a far more personalized experience in Officely along with intelligent notifications.

Employee Data

We need access to basic employee profile information such as first name, last name, email, along with each employee’s managers and direct reports. We use this information to further strengthen our understanding of who is relevant to you allowing us to send you helpful notifications and tailor your experience in Officely.

Employment Start & End

Employment data sounds scary, but we only require read access to an employee’s start and end dates. This allows us to determine if someone is a new starter, which is important as new starters benefit a great deal from more time in the Office and more notifications on where their team are working.

Leave Data

Finally we need read access to your leave data. This allows us to show you who’s on vacation and off sick right in Officely. Note, only certain types of leave are synced.

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