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Introducing: Favorite Coworkers


Alice Dodd


February 9, 2023

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💡 Please Note: Favorite Coworkers is a Premium Feature.

One of the joys of a hybrid work model is choosing when to come into the office. For most of us, a huge part of that decision is who else will be in on that day.

Working a five-day week means spending 30% of your life around your coworkers. It’s natural to have some you’d like to spend more time with, or prioritize when it comes to booking in.

Whether you want to network, be in at the same time as key stakeholders or simply go for lunch with your friend, Favorite Coworkers allows you to choose the people you’d most like to catch in the office.

Here’s how it works.

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What is Favorite Coworkers?

The Officely Home displays all of the coworkers who have booked in for the week ahead. For some teams, this can means tens or hundreds of names — making it hard to find the people you actually care about.

Our Favorite Coworkers feature cuts through the noise by listing the people you’ve selected to be in your favorites at the top of each day, when they’ve booked in.

You can also set notifications for when your Favorite Coworker book in, and for when they cancel on the days that you’ve booked in too.

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How Can I Access Favorite Coworkers in Officely?

Favorite Coworkers lives in Settings, under the Your Preferences tab.

You can amend your Favorite Coworkers and your notifications settings by clicking Manage.

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What are Favorite Coworker Notifications?

You can choose to be notified about your Favorite Coworkers:

  • Daily at 4PM
  • Weekly at 9AM
  • Never

For those who choose notifications, you'll receive a message about who's booked in for the week or next day. You can also choose to be notified if a Favorite Coworker has cancelled on a day in which you're both booked in.

Are My Coworkers Notified When I Favorite Them?

We all have our own reasons to book in alongside other people. Officely will never tell your coworkers when you favorite them or when you set your notifications.

Why Can I Only Choose 7 Favorite Coworkers?

The goal of Favorite Coworkers is to make it as easy as possible to find your favorite people in the office. We want you to see quickly and easily when the people you care about most are in, so having too many would defeat the purpose of favorites!

Don’t worry though, you can swap out who your favorites are at any point.

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How Favorite Coworkers Benefits You

We built Favorite Coworkers to make sure customers have easy access to the information they actually care about in the office.

No more scrolling to see who’s in the office

For bigger teams, we know it can be a pain to click on the View More button to see who’s in. You don’t want to spend time filtering through coworkers who don’t have an impact on whether you’ll go into the office.

Our notification settings also enable you to find out when your Favorite Coworkers have booked in and cancelled, even on the weeks you've forgotten to check yourself.

Favorite Coworkers saves you time by displaying the people you’ve chosen to be Favorites at the top of each day.

It's easier than ever to make last-minute decisions about whether to go into the office based on the people who will be in with you!

Office attendance increases with Favorite Coworkers

We love hybrid work, and while working from home has its perks, there's nothing like working from an office for collaboration, networking and building team culture.

We know getting employees to come in can be a challenge, but people want to see people. Nobody’s going to leave their dog home alone for an empty office.

If your employees can see that going into the office will be worth their while; from socializing to networking, they’re more likely to join.

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Get Started with Favorite Coworkers

Favorite Coworkers is waiting for you right now!  To get set up, go to Settings > Your Preferences > Manage Favorite Coworkers.

If you’d like more information on how it works, visit our Help Center article.

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Favorite Coworker FAQs

  • Is Favorite Coworkers a premium feature?
    Yes, it’s only available to those on a premium plan.
  • How many Favorite Coworkers can I choose?
    You can choose up to seven Favorite Coworkers.
  • Where are my Favorite Coworkers displayed?
    You Favorite Coworkers are in the Officely Home. If a Favorite Coworker has booked in, they will be listed on that day with a star ⭐️ emoji next to their name.
    You can also opt-in to receive notifications from the Favorite Coworkers feature, alerting you daily or weekly when your Favorites have booked in.
  • How often will I receive Favorite Coworker notifications?
    You can choose to receive notifications daily at 4PM, weekly on Mondays at 9AM or never.
  • Can I change or swap my Favorite Coworkers?
    Yes! To change your Favorite Coworkers, head to Settings > Your Preferences > Manage Favorite Coworkers.
  • Are Favorite Coworkers notified when you choose them?
    No, your Favorite Coworkers are just for you.
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Alice Dodd

Alice is Officely's content manager. When not spreading the word of Officely and hybrid work, you can find her feeding family, friends and strangers with her latest baking experiment.

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