Introducing Office Insights


Alice Dodd


November 24, 2022


Understanding when and why people come into the office is an invaluable resource for those who run an office.

With deeper insights into employees' attendance, you can see when somebody’s increased or decreased their office time, look at attendance trends across the working week, make office decisions based on stronger data, and avoid the dreaded ‘quiet quitting’.

Our previous data feature was limited to space management and capacity planning, and we recognized that customers needed a better understanding of individual behavior to make those analytics useful.

Enter, Office Insights. Learn when and why each employee is booking into the office so you can make more informed, data-driven decisions.

What is Officely Office Insights?

When you click on the Insights button, found at the top of Officely home, a new tab will open in your native browser with your office data.

Previously, this data contained basic overall metrics: total office users, average daily use, and two graphs on attendance and popular weekdays.

While the graphs still exist, Office Insights will break down data on an individual level, so you can see behavior and attendance patterns on a person-by-person basis.

The left-hand sidebar contains information on the employee, while the dashboard displays office booking behavior over the current week and the previous month.

Office Insights can also be exported as a CSV from the main dashboard and from the individual user’s page.

Where Can I Find Office Insights in Officely?

Head to the Officely homepage, in your Slack app.

The Insights button is found at the top-right of the homepage, and looks like this:

Alternatively, you can go to the following URL to find your office’s data insights:

Remember, Office Insights is hosted in your browser rather than within Slack.



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Why Did You Build Office Insights?

We know the impact that office attendance has on businesses. From affecting the bottom line with empty office spaces to decisions on how best to build a work culture.

We want those in charge of the office to make informed decisions on these policies and on hybrid working guidance.

Understanding who works where most frequently, and what that means to the business and the individual provides a solid foundation for a hybrid work model that works for employers and employees.

We found many of our competitors offered capacity-based focused analytics features, much like our previous one. We wanted to provide more meaningful data for businesses looking for insights into their employees’ office attendance.

How Can Office Insights Help My Business?

Businesses now have information on how people are using their office space, who is and isn’t coming into the office, which office days perform best, the frequency of office bookings, and the trends associated with each piece of data on an office and individual level.

Trends in attendance are vital to understanding why employees are coming in, and businesses can act on this. Office managers can incentivize attendance with socials, or even let out office spaces on days that have the lowest attendance.

With our updated feature, employers are in a stronger position to make decisions that impact the workplace.

There is also more understanding on the behaviors of individual employees and how their attendance could be impacting their work and the business.

If an employee dramatically changes how often they’re coming into the office, team leaders can use Officely insights to understand what’s changed in the office to make this happen, or be better placed to bring it up with the individual if there are concerns.

How Do You Use Office Insights?

You can learn how to make the most of Office Insights by following our step-by-step help center article. Once customers export the data, they can use it to gain a deeper understanding of how best to run their hybrid office and make informed decisions on their workplace.

Office Insights FAQs

1. Is Office Insights a premium feature?
Yes, Insights remains a premium feature.

2. How do I export my data?
There are two ways to Export your data:

a) Select Export in the top-right of your dashboard.

b) Use the Export Data button found within the Officely home — this will also export booking data on health surveys.

3. Who can view Office Insights in the Officely home?
The Insights button only appears to admins of the Officely space.

4. How do I find and use Office Insights?
It’s found at the top of the Office home under Insights, or you can visit

5. How far back can I view individual and office data?
You can view and export data from the previous six months.

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Alice Dodd

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